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Families with Children

Families who have shared their stories regarding water damage, and/or healing from chronic illness from water damaged buildings or other toxic exposures.

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Newspaper, video, and online media sources covering personal stories regarding mould, water damage, and illness.

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People who have become ill from exposure and, most particularly, have largely recovered from illness are people who may be worth paying particular attention to.

Lisa Petrison Mold Avoidance and Chronic Illness

Erik Johnson Mold Avoidance and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Carl Grimes Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Sensitivity and Chronic Illness


Greg Minske provides a great level of detail and critical thought to information regarding environmental testing, improving one’s environment, and treatment on his website,


The physicians here include those who have paid attention to the reports from their patients about the impact they perceived their environment to be making on their health.  In some cases they have also had chronic health consequences from exposure themselves and have used their personal experience, and their power as health care providers, to change clinical practice.

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker:  Arguably the first physician to explore the connection between exposure to biotoxins in water-damaged buildings and chronic inflammatory illnesses, Dr. Shoemaker is probably best known for his ‘Shoemaker ‘protocol’ for addressing what he calls Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from water-damaged buildings.  Author of Mold Warrior (2009) and Surviving Mold (20xx), he provides resources and information on his website, Surviving Mold, and trains physicians in his protocol.

Dr. Janette Hope, family physician and author of a well-known open access review article on the mechanism of injury and treatment after exposure to water-damaged buildings (The Scientific World Journal, February 2013), Dr. Hope is a frequent speaker at conferences regarding health and indoor environments including this Keynote Address at the 2015 Building Biology Conference.

Dr. Mary Ackerley

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Dr. Scott McMahon

Dr. Daniel Kagua-Coo



Dr. Jack Thrasher Toxicology and Indoor Toxic Exposures

Dr. Bruce Lanphear Toxins and Child Development

Dr. Stephen Genuis Environmental Factors Causing Chronic Illness

Families with Children

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